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StitchMaster Maintenance
Lubrication and Cleaning

A good rule of thumb is to oil the Stitch Master's critical points every five pound wire spool change or every month, whichever comes first. Use a drop of any standard S.A.E. #10 oil in the following points:
  • On both sides of the Wire Guide Spring Bracket
  • In the holes on the Face Plate
  • On the Bender Bar Latch and Grip
  • In the oil hole of the Driving Shaft Connection Link
  • In the opening of the Swivel Holder
  • Where the Clincher Points pivot
  • In the Wire Cutter Operating Slide slot
  • On the Wire Straightener Rollers and Tension Pawl

    In addition to proper lubrication, routine cleaning is important. The following areas should be cleaned every three months:
  • the Swivel Assembly
  • Swivel Holder
  • Swivel Operating Lever and Stud and anywhere else that dust, oil,
    and pieces of paper or wire have built up

Replacement Parts

Below is a list of the most common replacement parts for the StitchMaster. It is a good idea to keep these parts in stock for when the wear parts need changing.

  • 9083A - Clincher Points
  • 9009-25 - Driver
  • 9014 - Bender Bar Latch
  • 9015 - Grip
  • 9023 - Grip Retaining Clip
  • 9024 - Grip Retaining Screw
  • 9019 - Grip Spring
  • 9020 - Grip Spring Retaining Srcew
  • 9046A - Swivel Operating Spring
  • 9038M - Swivel
  • 9048 - Wire Cutter
  • PG10289 - Motor Brush Assembly
  • 9012A - Driver Bar
  • 9800A - Clincher Plate
  • 9026A - Supporter - 1/2"

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