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Maintenance and Wear Parts
Lubrication and Cleaning

Heads that are in constant operation should be lubricated daily. Heads that are operated periodically should be lubricated every five pound spool change or every month, whichever comes first. Use one drop of any standard S.A.E. #10 oil in the following points:
  • On both sides of the Wire Guide Spring Bracket
  • In the holes on the Face Plate
  • On the Bender Bar Latch and Grip
  • In the opening of the Swivel Holder
  • Where the Clincher Points pivot
  • In the hole in the Wire Cutter Holder
  • On the Wire Straightener Rollers and Tension Pawl

In addition to proper lubrication, routine cleaning is important. The following areas should be cleaned every three months:

  • The Swivel Assembly
  • Swivel Holder
  • Swivel Operating Lever and Stud and anywhere else that dust, oil,and pieces of paper or wire have built up.

Replacement Parts

Below is a list of the most common replacement parts for the 26/26D Head. It is a good idea to keep these parts in stock for when the wear parts need changing.

  • 2155A - Swivel Operating Spring

  • 9009-wire size - Driver

  • 9012A - Driver Bar Assembly

  • 9014 - Latch

  • 9015 - Grip

  • 9019 - Grip Spring

  • 9020 - Grip Spring Retaining Screw

  • 9023 - Grip Retaining Clip

  • 9024 - Grip Retaining Clip Screw

  • 9026A - Supporter Assembly

  • 9038A / 9038M - Swivel Assembly

  • 9048 - Wire Cutter

  • 9050 - Wire Cutter Operating Slide Friction Plug

  • 9051 - Wire Cutter Slide Friction Spring

  • 9083 - Clincher Points

  • 9098 - Tension Pawl

  • 9103 - Wire Straightener Roller

  • 9112 - Bender Bar Friction Plug

  • 9113 - Bender Bar Friction Spring

  • 9124 - Wire Straightener Roll Clip

  • 9134 - Tension Pawl Spring


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