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The Exploded G8 Stitcher Head
  Click on the G8 Stitcher Head part to view more information
  Product Listing for G8 Stitcher Head
  Part Number Product Name
  2091 Clincher Plate Nut
(used on all styles of 26/26D Heads)
  9084B Adjustable Clincher Slide
(used on all styles of 26/26D Heads)
  9087 Clincher Slide Adjustment Screw
(used on all styles of 26/26D Heads)
  9088 Clincher Plate Bolt
(used on all styles of 26/26D Heads
Clincher Slide
18182 - Clincher Slide

2095B - Clincher Slide - Thin

2095C - Clincher Slide - Thick

9093 - Clincher Slide - Thin, 1/2"

9093A - Clincher Plate - Thick, 1/2"

9793 - Clincher Plate - Thin, 5/16"
  G20110A Large Feed Gear Assembly
  G20111A Feed Pinion Assembly
Two Feed Pinion Bearings (G20138)
are included in this assembly.
  G20112 Small Feed Gear
  G20113 Supporter Guide Plate
Hohner part number 3163303
  G20114 Feed Gear Shaft
  G20115 - Latch Cam
Hohner part number 3163015
  G20118 -Feed Release Handle Cam
  G20119 -Feed Release Handle
  G20124 -Clamp Block Eccentric
(for clamp-mount Heads)
  G20127 Feed Rack
  G20128 - Large Feed Gear Washer
  G20129 - Small Feed Gear Washer
  G20130 -Feed Adjustment Block
  G20131 -Feed Slide
  G20132 -Feed Lever
  G20133A -Feed Lever Spring Block Assembly
Hohner part number 3163124
  G20136A  - Feed Gear Bracket Assembly
(for all G8-style Heads)
  G20140 -Follower Ball Bearing
Hohner part number 4400096
  G20141 - Left Wire Guide Bar
  G20142 - Right Wire Guide Bar
  G20143 - Cutter Block Adjustment Rack
(for all G8-style Heads)
  G20144A Middle Wire Tube Assembly
  G20145 - Moving Wire Cutter
- Hohner part number 3251213
  G20150 - Bender Bar Latch Spring
- Hohner part number 3851319
  G20154A Supporter Assembly
Hohner part number 9463302
  G20155 Supporter Pivot Pin
- Hohner part number 3263312
  G20159 Bender Bar Friction Plug
Hohner part number 3751316
  G20160 Bender Bar Friction Spring
Hohner part number 3951318
  G20161  Bender Bar Friction Bushing
Hohner part number 3263310
  G20162 Driving Slide
(for use with both flat and round wire)

Cutter Operating Ramp Assembly
(Hohner part number 3163207)
  G20164 Driving Slide Plunger
  G20165 Driving Slide Spring
M4 Flat Head Machine Screw
(Hohner part number 7604010)
M8 Hex Jam Nut
(Hohner part number 608000)
  G20171 M8 Socket Head Cap Screw
  G20173 Feed Rack Adjustment Knob
(Hohner part number 3263111)
  G20174 Feed Rack Adjustment Stud
  G20176 M4 Low Head Socket Cap Screw
(Hohner part number 8304012)
  G20177 Feed Rack Adjustment Knob Detent
(Hohner part number 3865510)
  G20179 M3 Socket Head Cap Screw
Hohner part number 7903004
  G20181 - Upper Wire Tube
(for all G8-style Heads)
  G20182 Feed Gear Shaft Locating Plate
  G20183 - Long Wire Holder Retaining Spring
(for all G8-style Heads)
  G20184 - Wire Holder Retaining Spring Foot
(for all G8-style Heads)
  G20186 - Feed Gear Friction Spring
(for all G8-style Heads)
- Hohner part number 3851105
  G20195 - M6 Screw
- for DB75V-style Heads
- Hohner part number 8006008
  G20197A - Cutter Block Assembly
(part of complete G20197AA
- Cutter Block Assembly)
  G20198 - Cutter Operating Slide
- Hohner part number 3465202
  G20199A - Lower Wire Tube
  G20200 - Fixed Wire Cutter
- Hohner part number 3265210
  G20202 Cutter Block Slide Plate
  G20204 Upper Cutter Block Rail
  G20206 - Wire Straightener Eccentric
  G20210 - Cutter Operating Spring
- Hohner part number 3951215
  G20211 - Wire Shield
  G20224 M3 Flat Head Machine Screw
- Hohner part number 7603006
  G20226 - M4 x .7 Hex Nut
- Hohner part number 6804000
  G20228A - Adjustment Knob Assembly
  G20229 M6 Screw
(used on both DB75 and DB75V Heads)
(Hohner part number 8006012)

(same as Muller part number 0031.1727)
  G20230A Cutter Operating Lever Assembly
  G20244 - Middle Wire Tube Clip
  G20252 - Wire Hook
(for all G8-style Heads)
- Hohner part number 3167512
  G20253 - Wire Hook Spring
- Hohner part number 3967518
  G20254 Wire Hook Spring Screw
  G20256 - Cutter Block Scale
(for all G8-style Heads)
  G20261 - Wire Holder Retaining Spring Screw
(for all G8-style Heads)
  G20262A Feed Lever Pin
  G20265 - Wire Holder Adjustment Screw
  G20267 Feed Lever Spring Bushing
Hohner part number 3251016
  G20268 Feed Lever Spring
Hohner part number 3963123
  G20278A - Wire Guide Spring Bracket Assembly
(for all G8-style Heads)
  G20279A - Short Wire Guide Spring
(for all G8-style Heads)
- Hohner part number 9463168
  G20283 - Tension Pawl
(for all G8-style Heads)
  G20284 - Tension Pawl Spring
(for all G8-style Heads)
  G20285 - Tension Pawl Roller
(for all G8-style Heads
  G20286A - Long Wire Guide Spring
(for all G8-style Heads)
  G20287 - Wire Oiler Felt Spring
- used on DB45, DB75 and DB75V-style Heads
  G20288 - M4 Socket Head Cap Screw
(for all G8-style Heads)
- Hohner part number 7904008
  G20293 - Wire Oiler Felt
(used on DB45, DB75 and DB75V Heads)
- Hohner part number 3751129
  G20297 - Screw M6x1x40
- used on the DB45, DB75 and DB75V Heads
  G20300A - Cutter Block Assembly, Loop
(part of complete G20300AA
- Cutter Block Assembly - Loop)

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