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High Speed Bagging Systems

Speedbag HS

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Power supply 220V/ 10 amps
Compressed air supply 25 CFM @ 80 psi
Minimum bag dim. 6" x 4" x 1/16"
Maximum bag dim. 17" x 11 " x 1 "
Output up to 4200 packs/hour
Overall dimensions 225" x 56" x 36"
Shipping weight 1500 lbs.
Speedbag HS 20 feet extended conveyor
The Speed Bag HS is ideal for customers needing high speed production. The Speed Bag "wraps" the product in film that is sealed transversally on the top and bottom, and longitudinally by forming the film around the product. After being bagged the product passes through a shrink tunnel.

The Tunnel is equipped with silicon coated idler rollers which prevent the film from adhering to the rollers. The product is moved through the system by a series of chain driven "fingers." The speed is adjustable, allowing proper product spacing. Once the product has been wrapped, a corrugated belt continues to move the product through the system. Adjustments are easily made to the belt pressure.

After the sealing is completed, the seal bar automatically lifts and returns to the starting point. The simultaneous wrap and seal process of the Speed Bag HS is key to achieving high production speeds. In less sophisticated machinery the wrap and seal processes are performed separately. Simple adjustments allow for changes in speed and format.

When wrapping magazines, we suggest fitting the machine with an automatic feeder designed specifically for that purpose. This sophisticated machinery operates using a vacuum pump fitted with safety devices. The safety devices automatically stop the machine when more than one magazine is picked up by the vacuum pump. Mailing labels are applied with the addition of a second feeder. The two feeders are identical, differing only in their timing.When packaging books, CD's, videocassettes or thick, rigid magazines, a parallel front feeder is used to automatically load the machine. The operation of the front feeder is very simple - conveyor "fingers" pick the product up from a pile and move it to the machine.

On the Speed Bag HS you can install two feeders. For the standard conveyor, additional feeders and extended in-feed conveyors are available if requested.

Continuous longitudinal sealing is used to wrap magazines. If shrinking is required, the film will be spot sealed to allow the enclosed air in the newly formed bag to escape during the shrinking process. Two different methods are used for the spot sealing: an ionizing device that temporarily seals the polyethylene or polypropylene film layers during the shrink process, and a glue dispensing device for PVC. Transverse sealing is carried out by a thermostatically controlled sealing bar. The sealing head moves forward with the product during the sealing cycle and then opens and moves back to begin the next cycle. The motion of the product is continuous.

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